Tamiya WWII British Infantry

£ 9.99
An excellent set of 50 unpainted 1:72 scale models depicting the British Infantry on one of the most important dates of the Second World War. Tuesday 6th of June 1944 is a day the world will never forget. The Normandy landings, often referred to as D-Day took place and became the largest seaborne invasion in history. The operation began the liberation of France and subsequently Western Europe, which in turn laid the foundations for an Allied Victory on the Western Front. The troops of the British Expeditionary Force, led by General Miles Dempsey and composed of the 3rd and 50th English Division and the Canadian 3rd Division, landed on the beaches of Normandy codenamed Sword, Juno and gold with the objective of securing the town of Caen from the Germans. Whilst the American Forces landed at beaches codenamed Omaha and Utah in the West. Their mission was to seize control of the Cotenin peninsula and the Cherbourg port.