Super Precision Gimbals Add on Kit

£ 34.99
This kit is an add-on to the Super Precision Gyroscope. The kit is a modular set of twenty four components that complement and expand the number of experiments that can be performed. They are compatible with components that are supplied with the gyroscope and can be used together. One of the main features is to provide 2 axis gimbals for the gyroscope but many other experiments can be performed. The gimbals make precession and nutational forces easy to demonstrate. 3 leg stable gimbal platform Rubber feet to stop slipping All gimbal parts made from stainless steel Expands the number of experiments that can be carried out Gyroscope attachments are interchangeable with this kit Kit can be used to link two gyroscopes together Allows the gyroscope to be used will gimbals or on an arm Very high precision manufacture British design Super Precision Gyroscope required