Cambridge Brainbox Cars And Boats Electronics Kit

£ 28.99
The Cambridge Brainbox Cars and Boats Electronics Kit will provide many happy hours of experimentation and enhanced learning. Over 50 experiments to be discovered by your child - and you.Learn about electric circuits Experiment with sensors Find out how to control the speed and direction of an electric motor Find out about different types of switches Build a gear-driven car and a fan-propelled cart Make a fan propelled boat Construct a propeller driven boahe kit features easy assembly, all the parts just clip together with press-studs. Mistakes can be corrected in seconds meaning a child's interest is maintained! All the parts are colour and number coded making selection easy. The kit covers Year 6 Design and Technology.

The Cambridge Brainbox Primary Plus 2 kit offers over 500 electronics experiments for your child to discover. Topics covered include the use of sensors to automatically control the world around us, how to make an AM radio and the use of sound modules to enhance the imagination. Much of the experimentation is along the lines of 'what happens if I do this? Construct an AM radio. Learn about and design electric circuits. Find out how to control the brightness of lamps. Learn about and use different types of switches. Experiment with an electric motor. Experiment with conductors and insulators. Find out about AND, OR, NAND and NOR gates. Build a flying fan. Produce electronic police and ambulance sirens. Produce electronic music. Produce 'space war' sounds. Build a vibration sensor. Build a rain detector. Investigate light operated circuits. Learn about switches. Experiment with resistance and capacitors. Build your own burglar alarm circuits. The Primary Plus2 kit is designed to teach the principles of electronics and is for use in the home or the classroom. It builds upon the skills developed using the primary kit but it could be used in its own right as a stepping-stone to Key Stage 3 and 4 electronics. Age guide : 8 - 13.